The Efitness, Pune, India was founded in 2012 by Shri Kamleshji and is the best centre of yoga in pune. With a broader vision of becoming a householder to propagate
the message of yoga, Shri kamleshji believed that the benefits of yoga should be shared to all instead of keeping it as a secret for very few.

Since many people came to learn yoga only as a solution for their health problems, the founder emphasized on teaching yoga as a way of life and to remove obstacles in one’s personality for a better way of living.
The Efitness is thus designed more as a ‘Life School’ where one learnt to live. The simplicity, sincerity and non-commercial angle of The Efitness caters to householders and offers guidelines
of how to manage self and keep up one’s sanity as well as balance in today’s competitive, tension ridden world.

Spearheading the “Yoga for the Householder” movement in the world, the Institute serves thousand people daily for training, health benefits and consultations.
It also offers Yoga teacher-training courses as well as publishes books on yoga therapy, asanas, pranayam, couples counseling, traditional scriptures, ethics for everyday life, and a variety of other subjects on yoga education.

Shri Kamleshji, who is the President of The Efitness, continues to carry on the Founder’s legacy in a sincere way.