30-Day Yoga Challenge Begins Nov. 1st (Beginner )

    We are excited to announce that on November 1st, 2017, we will be launching an exclusive beginner and intermediate 30-day yoga challenge for our subscribers*. Featuring new classes, as well as a curated selection of our best classes with our most popular teachers, there will be one class per day for the entire month of November. Your challenge is to do them all!

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    *You still have a chance to join if you are not a subscriber! If you simply can’t afford to subscribe (by going to our Join Page and choosing the middle option) you can be 1 of 5 to WIN the opportunity to do the 30-day challenge!
    To enter:

    Film yourself answering the question ‘Why do I REALLY want to do the Empower Yourself 30-Day Yoga Challenge?’
    Post the video on your Facebook profile and tag @doyogawithme before October 23rd. We will be announcing 5 winners of a 1-month subscription to do the Empower Yourself 30-Day Yoga Challenge with us!
    If you are currently a subscriber and would like to join, choose one of the following:

    Go to either the beginner page or the intermediate page to find your daily class. Each class will be posted by 8pm EST the day before.
    To receive the daily classes by email, sign up for the beginner challenge or sign up for the intermediate challenge. The emails will arrive the evening before the class that day.
    Why do 30 days of yoga?
    to kick-start your yoga practice
    to get stronger and more flexible
    to feel absolutely amazing
    to improve overall health and well-being
    to feel more alert and energetic throughout the day
    You can also check out our other Yoga Challenges, if you would prefer to try something else.

    We hope to see you on the mat, sweating, stretching, getting stronger and feeling good!

    Namaste from the team at DoYogaWithMe.

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